How To Train Your Dog

How to Train Your DogWelcome to my website, Tips For Dog Training, where I have put together a complete program of helpful ways to train your dog and solve any concerns that affect dog lovers. My ultimate goal is to help you provide top notch care for your furry best friend.

Most dog owners will agree that there is nothing compared to the unconditional love shown by your dog.  Even after experiencing the worst day at work, you can walk in your front door and your dog is happier to see you than just about anyone else in the house.

Plus that, your dog accepts all your faults and truly just wants to please you. There are even studies that claim owning a dog can have an impact on health issues such as lowering your blood pressure and stress and improve mild to moderate depression.  Owning a dog also encourages you to get out and exercise more.

On the other hand, though, dogs can misbehave, especially puppies, causing’ a lot of problems in your life if they aren’t trained properly.  Behaviors such as barking incessantly, chewing up your favorite pair of shoes, or digging up your prize tomato plants can make being a dog owner stressful.

Learning how to train your dog is the key to a balanced, happy, well-mannered dog that can bring a lifetime of joy to you and your family. After all, they are a lot of work and don’t magically become well behaved.

Because of this, I’ve have set up this website, Tips 4 Dog Training, to try and help dog owners solve any behavior issues.  It is loaded with invaluable information to help train your dog without pulling your hair out.

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Dogs don’t purposely want to upset you by being naughty.  It is just in their nature to explore, to be protective of their territory, and to generally be playful and fun-loving.  It’s your job to take charge and draw the boundaries so your dog can just relax and enjoying being a dog.

Dog owners have to come to the realization that dogs don’t think like humans.  You can dress them up in cute outfits and treat them like a child, but they are still a dog that thinks in terms of being part of a pack.

Their ranking within their pack and desire to be dominant is what drives their behavior.  To train your dog properly, you must make them understand that you are the one in control of your household.

Concepts such as being firm with commands, reprimanding fairly and quickly, and properly leash training your dog to follow your lead help establish you as the pack leader. Even something as simple as always walking into a doorway first and making your dog wait to come in factors into you position as alpha as far as your dog is concerned. The more consistent you are in how you train your dog, the happier you will both be.


As soon as they can open their eyes and start to move around, puppies begin to learn social skills. They play with their siblings and mock fight to practice for their role as an adult dog. Once adopted, depending on how you train your dog to understand his position in the pack, you will have a big impact on their personality.

By giving them structure, you help them to understand their role in the pack which decreases the incidence of aggressive behavior. If you allow your dog to interact with other dogs and people regularly, this will teach them to “share” and “play nice.”  Doggy parks are a great opportunity to socialize your dog in a controlled setting.

All of the members of your family/pack must understand the importance of following the rules for consistency with your puppy. You must begin to train your dog from the get-go and nip all aggressive tendencies in the bud. This allows your little buddy to relax and enjoy their world as opposed to being confused and unsure where they fit in.

I applaud you for your interest in how to train your dog the right way.  I feel it says a lot about a person with how they interact with their pets. Spending time with your dog and creating a long-lasting relationship will reward you with lots of licks and happiness for many years to come..

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