These little hot dog-shaped puppies are inarguably one of the cutest and most unique breeds of dogs today. They are also known to be independent and stubborn so training them is a bit of a challenge.  Let’s talk about the specific Dachshund training tips that will help keep their ornery attitude under control.

Dachshunds originated in Germany and were used for badger hunting. Their name actually translates to Badger Dog.  Characteristics of fearlessness and perseverance, plus their odd shape, made them the perfect hunter to go down a badger hole and fight those vicious, sharp-clawed creatures.  You can see why Wiener dogs are genetically feisty and strong willed.

Dachshund puppies are very playful and fun and have a built-in propensity for chasing small animals. Without proper training, though, they can become quite obstinate and have been known to growl and bark at strangers and other dogs, even bigger dogs. Dachshund training requires lots of patience, firmness, and consistency to be successful.

Understanding Dachshunds

First of all, as humans, we tend to humanize our pets. You have to remember that even though your Dachshund is extremely cute, it is still a dog.  Dogs have a natural instinct to run in a pack.

Every pack has a pack leader and you need to make sure that your Dachshund considers you the alpha of your pack. Don’t think that just because they are small, you won’t lose the upper hand with them if you appear weak when attempting Dachshund training.

Next, most Dachshund breeds need lots of exercise.  When they are inside too much, they have pent up energy that can sometimes get them into trouble. They are also easily bored and can become destructive.

Because of their unique shape, it poses serious health issues for your Dachshund. They have physical limitations with their long body and short legs that can create back and joint problems. You don’t want to teach your Dachshund tricks that involve jumping and climbing because this puts a lot of stress on their back and joints.

The Basic of Dachshund Training

As mentioned earlier, even though Dachshunds are small dogs, they are bred as hunting dogs. They are full of energy and when they don’t get the chance to use to burn it off, it will come back to haunt you and your home.  Make sure you get your Dachshund as much exercise as possible from an early age.

The next tip to Dachshund training is to train in short bursts. If they get bored and decide they are not going to listen, you will have a hard time winning that battle.  Try and get as much accomplished as possible as quickly as you can and then take a break.

The first basic tricks you should teach your Dachshund are the simple ones such as “sit,” “stay,” and most especially “down.” Don’t allow them to jump or climb. You should always carry them up or down stairs and train them to stay off the furniture.  This needs to be reinforced as early as possible.

Clicker training works especially well in Dachshund training. Dachshunds have a keen sense of smell but are not known to have the best hearing.  They do respond well, though, to sharp, single sounds. Clicker training can be done in short sessions to match their attention span.

Due to their strong will, negative discipline is not very effective with a Dachshund. If you use excessive punishment, they will become more and more obstinate and possibly even get aggressive. Instead, use positive reinforcement to reward good behaviors. Small treats and physical attention work well with Dachshund training.

Along with these ideas, crate training is also an important key to house training your Dachshund puppy.  They feel safe and secure in their doggy bedroom which makes them easier to work with.  A happy, healthy puppy is more fun and less likely to be aggressive.

There is nothing simple or easy about Dachshund training. Be firm and don’t give in because as soon as you do, you lose the battle and it can be hard to regain that ground as the dog gets older. Just remember that it takes time and lot s of energy along with a great deal of patience to be successful in your training goals.

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