Golden Retreiver Training with textIf you are planning to add a dog to your household, a golden retriever is a great choice. This breed is affectionate and intelligent and your dog will be happy to accept you and your family as its pack. Most often people choose to purchase a puppy to raise because they will have complete control of its training. They can also feel sure there are no hidden behaviors that may surface once they bring the dog home. Just as with any dog breed, it is essential that your golden retriever puppy training is accomplished by using the correct methods.

Naturally, a puppy is small and cuddly when you first bring it home. Your first instinct may lead you to treat it like a baby, without bearing in mind that it will soon grow to weigh more than 50 pounds. It is important that your golden retriever puppy training includes learning to be obedient and gentle before his size makes handling him difficult. He must understand that jumping on humans is not allowed under any circumstances, whether it be for affection or food. He must also understand that all humans are to be respected, even small children, because a large, playful dog can easily knock a child down.

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Socialization is very important for puppies and they should be exposed to as many different circumstances as possible. A dog who is fearful can be aggressive or hard to control, so you should make sure your puppy trusts you enough to look to you for guidance when he is uncertain. You may want to enroll your puppy in a dog socialization class if a local dog training establishment offers one. This will allow him to interact with other dogs and puppies his age, as well as gain experience in riding in an automobile and being exposed to strange humans and unfamiliar surroundings. Dog parks also provide a great environment for socialization after the puppy has grown and progressed sufficiently.

A very important part of your golden retriever puppy training will be teaching him to wear a collar and walk quietly on the leash. You can teach him to wear a collar at a very young age so long as you take care to avoid frightening him with it. Introduce your puppy to his new collar by just putting it on the floor near him. He will be curious about it and sniff and perhaps pick it up to chew on. Distract him with a couple small treats and place the collar loosely around his neck while feeding him a few more treats. Pat and reward him verbally while he wears the collar a few minutes and then remove it. Repeat this process several times over the course of a few days until he seems unconcerned by the collar.

It is also essential that your puppy learns to walk on the leash without pulling while he is young. Dog training classes are a good place to teach him this skill, but if there are none available in your area, you can teach him yourself. Practice taking him for short walks in an area he is familiar with, and if he pulls at the leash give him a short, sharp jerk on the leash simultaneously with a short verbal reprimand. Reward him verbally and with a treat when he does a good job, and you will soon have a relaxed partner to accompany you on pleasant daily walks.