Remove UrineAt some point during your dog’s lifespan, he will urinate on your carpet and not surprisingly, the odds go up when puppies are involved.  And if we were taking a poll, fewer things frustrate a dog owner more than not only discovering the spot, (usually while barefoot) but figuring out how to remove dog urine from carpet without bleaching it shades lighter than its original hue.

Before we get into the specifics of how to remove dog urine from carpet, it’s important to understand why a dog might urinate in the home.  With puppies, the reason is simple.  Like young children, the body of puppy is still forming not only on the outside (to catch up with those paws), but also on the inside.  Remember, until around four months of age a puppy cannot “hold it” for longer than a couple hours because they do not have the muscle control to avoid eliminating. That said, there are several tips on this website to help you through this challenging time though we will say, patience is your most powerful weapon.

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With respect to older dogs, accidental elimination can happen for a variety of reasons. The dog may be ill, urinating to convey appeasement, old, or he may have been left in the house too long and could no longer physically hold his bladder.  If you suspect the dog is ill, please contact your veterinarian as sudden, accidental voiding can be a symptom of a more serious condition.  While sometimes frustrating, submissive urination is actually a form of communication. It is a dog’s way of conveying to another dog (or human) that they are not a threat.  A dog can be trained to avoid submissive urination and there is much literature available on how to accomplish this as well as how to remove dog urine from carpet.

Regardless of why your dog has accidentally eliminated, you are now faced with the dilemma of cleaning the urine. First, avoid scrubbing the spot as this can damage carpet fibers. Second, if you can get to the padding without destroying the carpet, treat it as well.  In any case, obtain a clean dry cloth and blot the spot, working from the outside in.  If you have a pet cleaning product such as Simple Solutions available, follow the product instructions. If you find yourself in a pinch and do not have a market product available, not to worry, we’ve listed a couple home remedies below.

So, where can I find these home remedies you ask? Check your medicine cabinet and your pantry.  Most homes have two common household products sitting on the shelf that can be used to clean urine:  hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Used in conjunction with one another, you have at your disposal a moisture absorber and a stain/odor neutralizer.  After blotting the area, spray with hydrogen peroxide to neutralize the odor and oxidize the stain. Let sit, blot, and then sprinkle baking soda over the area to absorb the moisture.  Let dry, then vacuum. (Check for colorfastness first.)

White vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial/odor neutralizer and is another option. Blot the area, spray with vinegar, let sit for a few minutes, then blot again and allow to dry. (Note: use vinegar sparingly unless you want your home to smell like a chef salad for a few hours.)

If the odor or the stain persists, repeats the steps above. If it continues, consider contacting a professional carpet cleaner and either asking them how to remove dog urine from carpet or hiring them to do it for you.