So, you are interested in getting a big dog but are still trying to decide which breed best suits your situation. If you happen to settle on a Mastiff, you will be rewarded with a powerful yet gentle and loyal companion. Mastiff training should prove to be an easier task than with some types of dogs because of their mellow personality.

Mastiff pups are usually fairly calm, sweet, and quick to pick up on training. They can be rather sensitive, though, and don’t deal well with yelling.  You have to be very patient and understanding with Mastiff training.

Because of their size and need for space, you will want to begin training as soon as you bring your puppy home.  An untrained adult Mastiff can be like a runaway freight train so you must be consistent to avoid allowing them to take advantage of you.  There are some important points that need to be considered when choosing a Mastiff puppy.

Unique Mastiff Characteristics

As mentioned above, Mastiff training has a few key differences from other types of dogs. For one, even though they are generally well behaved and calm, they are big dogs that need a lot of exercise given on a regular basis. With their good-natured personality, they are sometimes so calm that they might not seem interested in exercise. Don’t plan on taking them for a jog.  You’ll have to plan a bigger chunk of time to give them a workout.

You need to schedule someone to be home with your new Mastiff puppy.  They need constant, regular companionship to remain even-tempered as they get older.  Mastiffs also need more socialization with people and other dogs than most breeds.

When you do start leaving them alone, begin by just leaving the room for a few minutes and come right back in before they cry. They need to know that they are safe and that you will always return.  If you wait until they bark, they might think that is why you returned. Be patient and help them learn that there is no need to bark because you will always come back.

Since they are such a big breed of dogs, they will eat a lot!  They grow very quickly and need quality dog food to keep up with their growth spurts. Be prepared to spend quite a bit on dog food when you choose to own a Mastiff.

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The Basics of Mastiff Training

Obedience training with a Mastiff is similar to other dogs. You should begin at a fairly young age, usually around 10-14 weeks, after the puppy has been potty trained and understands its place in the household.

Be careful to always stay calm with Mastiff training. If you get aggressive and yell or become violent, you may create a dangerous disaster with this big animal as it gets older. Avoid training it to be a guard dog.  Its size alone is intimating enough.

Most mastiffs are generally not big on learning a lot of tricks. You just need to teach them the basics such as sit and stay as well as working on leash training.  It is also a good idea to teach them not to chase things as it can be hard to keep such a powerful dog under control.

A Mastiff puppy needs lots of sleep and a comfortable, quiet place to nap.  A crate will provide them with their own special space to relax.  Try and not disturb your puppy while it is sleeping because eventually you might make him a nervous, anxious wreck.

Basic methods work the best for Mastiff training along with lots of patience, practice, and love.  Make sure you give your Mastiff plenty of socialization with people and dogs such as in a local dog park. A giant dog like this needs special care but will create a lifelong companion.

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