Stop Dog BarkingDogs seem to have a need to bark…occasionally for no obvious reason other than to exercise their lungs.  Therefore, all dog owners at some point have had deal with the embarrassment of their dog continuously barking at someone or something, receiving complaints from their neighbors, and trying to figure out what to do to prevent this age-old issue of how to stop barking dogs.

Throughout time, the attempt has even been made to create breeds of dogs that have less of a tendency to vocalize.  There actually is a dog breed that doesn’t bark at all called the Basenji. But let’s face it…dogs are born to bark (among other things). It is their way of communicating and expressing themselves.

Part of the problem is that most people want their dog to bark at times to warn them of a visitor or impending danger. There is a fine line when enough is enough and it can be confusing to the dog. So, the task at hand is to first figure out the cause of the excessive barking and then to decide how to go about handling the issue of how to stop barking dogs from crossing that line.

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Why Do Dogs Bark?

You have to understand why dogs vocalize to find an appropriate solution to stop barking dogs. There are numerous apparent reasons and some that aren’t so apparent. Some of the obvious reasons are because dogs are naturally territorial such as when someone rings the doorbell or another dog comes near the yard.

They can yelp and whine because they are scared or alarmed when they are startled by a loud noise like thunder or a police siren. This type of barking can be a warning bark but can also quickly get out of control as they bark incessantly at anything and everything that moves with no sense of boundaries.

Reasons that aren’t so evident are because of frustration and boredom. If a dog is contained in a small area all day long and never get a chance to burn off any energy, they can become frustrated or bored.  As the owner, you benefit in many ways by giving your puppy plenty of exercise which assists to stop barking dogs.

Dogs can also be communicating that they don’t feel good or they are hurt. They might yip out a greeting to a familiar face or out of excitement when they are going to go on a walk. As the owner, you begin to differentiate between the different sounds your dog makes. The tail wagging as opposed to the hackles standing up is definitely doggy body language to watch for.

Techniques to Stop Barking Dogs

The very best approach to stop barking dogs is the distraction method. Once you get their attention, you can keep it by offering a toy or treat.  If they are outside barking, you can simply bring them inside temporarily or remove them from the line of vision of what they were barking at.

Try to not coddle them if they are scared or barking for attention as this will reinforce the barking. You should avoid yelling or punishing them because they will be confused as to when it’s okay and not okay to bark.  It can also create some aggressive behaviors.

Teach your dog “quiet” and “speak” as well as other basic commands such as “sit” and “down”. Not only will this distract them but it will also create a level of discipline that will come in handy in many situations.

As mentioned earlier, exercising your dog will break up their boredom. This stimulates them by giving them new sights and smells. Be sure to include some play time for more exercise as well as bonding. It basically comes down to the fact that interaction and positive reinforcement are the main keys to stop barking dogs.