Can you imagine these cute curly-hair little dogs being a problem? Stopping Poodle biting is an issue many Poodle owners have dealt with.  One reason is that many owners of small dogs treat them differently than bigger dogs. They aren’t disciplined the same way because they seem somewhat fragile.

A Poodle puppy with a little sweater on and a bow in its hair is pretty irresistible.  Poodles seem to evoke in humans the desire to dress them up cute and treat them like babies.  After all, chewing is a natural, normal behavior for puppies and their nibbles are pretty harmless, right?

Without training, though, they can eventually grow into an adult dog with bigger teeth that will continue to bite and snap other people and animals. Some people even think that Poodle biting is normal behavior for these high-strung little creatures.

The truth is that if a Poodle is well trained, the odds are only slightly higher that it will bite more than any other dog. It is just in their nature to be somewhat hyperactive and protective. Small dog breeds seem to be prone to having a feisty personality, almost as if they feel they have something to prove.

The good news is that Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, making them easier to train. The bad news is that even though they are smart, they can be pretty stubborn. If you give them any indication that they are in charge of your home, you will have a lot harder time managing their aggressive behavior and stopping Poodle biting.

Ways to Stop Poodle Biting

To start with, be sure to wait until your Poodle puppy is at least 8 weeks old before taking it away from its mother and family. This can cause several issues, but one pertinent point to this discussion is that it can create more aggression. Most puppies learn how to control their urge to show dominance with their mother and siblings.

As with any puppy, you need to make sure your Poodle is properly socialized.  The more they are around other dogs and people, the less nervous they tend to become and are more accepting of new situations.  Always allow plenty of play time with your Poodle puppy.

Start by taking them to a friend’s house that has dogs and introduce them to each other. Your own family needs to spend a lot of time with your new puppy but make sure there is always supervision with small children. As your Poodle puppy gets a little older, try taking them to a doggy park or somewhere there might be more spontaneous interactions.

Another good technique is to yell “Ouch!” or make a loud noise when your puppy bites you. Turn away for a short time and then give your puppy a toy that it is allowed to chew on. Make sure you reward you Poodle for good behavior and give it plenty of attention so it always feels loved.

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Poodle Biting with Adult Dogs

A little gnawing and chewing is completely normal with a Poodle puppy.  Teaching your puppy to control their urge by encouraging only soft, playful bites but emphatically discouraging hard biting with their human family must be part of their training as they mature. By the time they are an adult dog, no level of Poodle biting should be tolerated.

To begin with, you must make sure your Poodle understands that you are the Alpha of the house.  You have to be a strong leader and always be in charge.  When you walk your Poodle, train it to never pull on the leash.  Control your dog’s feeding and exercise regimen. Always enter or exit through a doorway first.

In addition, try to avoid games such as tug-of-war or wrestling that tend to encourage biting. Teasing or scaring a Poodle is also definitely a bad idea. These kinds of activities might seem fun or cute when they are little, but as they develop stronger, sharper teeth this type of behavior becomes more and more dangerous.

If your Poodle biting problem still persists, taking your Poodle to an obedience class might be the only answer. That way they can socialize with other dogs in a controlled environment with a trained expert. Even though by nature they are somewhat nervous-acting dogs, their aggressive tendencies must be addressed.

Last of all, it is possible that you might need to take your Poodle to a vet to rule out any potential health problems that might cause Poodle biting.  Keeping your Poodle healthy and happy go hand in hand. No matter what, use patience and positive reinforcement at all times. Hitting or yelling is highly discouraged and can actually cause more aggressive behavior.

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