Why Dogs Eat Poop with textWe are what we eat.  So it stands to reason this same principle would apply to other living creatures. Our family dog’s diet is also based on this principle. Dogs often eat other animal’s poop because there is something lacking in their own diet. It could be possible the food you give your dog may not be biologically appropriate.  This is one reason why dogs eat poop.

Actually, when you stop and think about it, dry food with corn meal in it is not biologically appropriate. If you look at what our dog’s ancestors ate, it was not ground up corn meal with additives in it. Many vets would recommend raw meat for dogs. This is a more natural food and our dogs do not always eat naturally and this is why dogs eat poop.  Raw natural food like ground up meat has more moisture in it and easy on your dog’s digestive system. Dry food is full of carbohydrates like soy, dairy, wheat, etc. and dogs, like us, can be very allergic to these food products.

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Dogs are natural scavengers, living off what they can find to eat. My own dog will eat anything. She eats bananas, berries, nuts, cheese, etc. She will eat almost everything that I am eating. In fact, I have not found anything that she will not eat. I know that my dog is pretty healthy as I take her to the vet for regular health exams.

Another reason why dogs eat poop is your dog may have what is called coprophagia. It is a behavioral action rather than being based on the diet you are giving your dog. The best way to stop your dog from doing what we consider to be so “nasty” is to keep the poop picked up in the yard and even the cat box cleaned out everyday. Breaking the poop-eating habit is also about cleanliness. I have found that this is the best way to keep my own dog from eating poop.

At first I was really appalled that my dog was eating poop, but now I figure it is a pretty natural behavior. She is pretty healthy looking with a shiny coat and full of energy.  If she did not display these characteristics then I would consider changing her diet to more raw meat or adding a supplement of additional enzymes.  Adding a supplement or simply keeping her “poop” picked up daily would be more realistic solutions.